About Us NIMANZ Nimanz is a Men's fashion design and production firm based on Istanbul, Turkey. We design and manufacture fashionable clothing, shoes, accessories and distributing our products around the world.
Nimanz aims to provide high quality, trendy fashion clothing along with a mixture of traditional and innovative design concepts, internationally recognized professional manufacturing standards and successful customer services to our many customers all over the world.

We distribute our products to companies located in different countries like Italy, France, USA, Russia, Spain, England, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Iran, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova and many more. Please see our "Selling Stores" page for details.

Nima Zaree who is a well-known and award-winning fashion designer, forms 'Spring/Summer', 'Fall/Winter' and additional collections for every year. Our main target is always working on 'design' minded creaitons. We use traditonal patterns within our designs and mix them with latest fashion trends.